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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOICES?

VOICES is the premier music and acting studio in the northeast valley. We offer private voice, guitar, and piano lessons as well as group classes for voice, guitar, musical theatre, acting, and several other disciplines!

What ages does VOICES Teach?

VOICES teaches students of all ages. We generally accept children for private lessons starting at 5 years of age, but have taught younger children based on their mature attention span and desire to learn. We have plenty of adult students as well. It is never too late to learn! Our group classes start as young as 3 years of age!

Should students start in group classes or in private lessons?

The choice between private lessons and group classes depends on the student’s goals. If the student wants to grow and improve as an individual performer, then private lessons are probably better suited to their needs. If being involved in a fun group, while having the opportunity to sing and perform is more important, then group classes might be the right choice. Many students do both!

What are the qualifications of your instructors?

All of our voice instructors are certified or pre-certified with Speech Level Singing, and maintain that certification on an on-going basis. Most have vast performance experience as well as many years teaching experience.

Our guitar and piano instructors have between 10 and 20 years of experience with their instruments, and some have been teaching for almost 20 years as well! Most of them continue to work on music projects outside of VOICES, and all of them are able to teach classical as well as popular music.

What level of instructor should my student study with?

Depending on their level of experience, students will be assessed and placed with an instructor of an appropriate level. We generally pair students with more experience with instructors of higher experience as well.

What is SLS? Why is it “better” than other methods?

Speech Level Singing is a revolutionary vocal training technique that allows you to sing in one clear, connected voice through your entire potential vocal range without yelling, flipping or any other negative artifacts. To learn more about SLS, visit

What kinds of performance opportunities do you offer?

We hold monthly Open Mic Nights, giving any of our students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. VOICES also puts on two showcase performances per year, one in December and the other in June. In addition to these opportunities, VOICES is often invited to perform at events around the Valley. Private students and group classes have the opportunity to participate in these events.

Why do you start with a trial lesson first?

Having a trial lesson before registering helps ensure that students know exactly what they will be experiencing during their time at VOICES. This way, students will have an opportunity to decide whether or not they want to continue with registration, try a different class, or try different instructors.

How much do you charge?

Our Pricing for Private Lessons is available here. The cost of our group classes is determined by the age group and is available here.

How many lessons do I have to take?

When you register for lessons, you are registering for that time slot on a weekly basis through the end of the school year. If you need to discontinue your lessons before the end of the school year, you may stop classes at any time according to our 30-day withdrawal policy.

Do you sell packages of lessons?

We do not sell packages of lessons, but if you would like to purchase lessons as a gift, we do offer gift certificates.

What happens when I miss a lesson?

If you give us at least 24 hours notice, we can schedule a make-up lesson for up to two of your lessons per session. If we do not receive 24 hours notice, or you have already used your make-up lessons, we are unable to schedule a make-up, but you are welcome to send a friend or family member in your place. There are no make-ups for group classes.

How much notice is required if I decide to discontinue lessons?

We require 30 days notice after completion of a withdrawal form to discontinue lessons.

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