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Front Desk Team Application

Please read the information below to give you a deeper understanding of what this position entails.  If you would like an opportunity to be invited to a group interview, please:

  1. Email your resume to
  2. Include in the email 3 things that stand out to you about this position, AND 3 references
  3. In the subject line type, please type “Front Desk Team Application”

We will send you an e-mail once we have reviewed your application. Interviews are held twice monthly.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  Be sure to save our email address so our response doesn’t go in your junk folder.  Thank you!



Thank you for your interest in our Front Desk Team Member position!  With so many office jobs to consider, we are glad you have chosen to consider working at VOICES Studio.  At our studio, our number one goal is to create an environment where our employees enjoy what they are doing.  We believe that employees who look forward to coming to work are not only enjoyable to work with, but do a better job because they take pride in what they do!  Here are some questions you may have about this position: 

What Skills Do I Need?
Often people think that computer skills would be the most important part of this position.  This is incorrect!  There are two qualities that are infinitely more important for our front desk staff to possess:

  1. A genuine love of smiling and talking to people you probably don’t know
  2. A belief that music and acting classes are a wonderful way for children to increase their self-esteem, become more confident, and learn skills that can last a lifetime. 

What Jobs Would I Be Completing On A Regular Day?
The great thing about this job is that no day is the same!  If you are a person that likes to know exactly what will be happening for the next 2 hours, this is not the position for you.  If you like change and get excited over meeting a new student on their first day of class, talking to a parent about why our studio is awesome and typing in registration forms all in one hour, and then doing something totally different the next hour, you’ll love working at our desk.  It’s fun engaging with the staff, students and parents who come by – consider yourself the hospitality leader!

What Makes Working At VOICES Different Than Anywhere Else?
It’s fun!  Our staff LOVES trying to be the best at everything they do and we reward them for their efforts.  We have team building activities throughout the year and we have a “No Drama” policy which keeps the work environment very positive!  Additionally, because our staff is so small, we operate very much like a family business.

I Don’t Know Anything About Arts-Based Programs. Can I Apply?
Do you believe that wholesome, educational activities are beneficial for children?  If so, you should apply.  As an employee, you receive a discount to all that our school offers.  You may be playing the piano before you know it!

What Am I Paid?
Exact pay is based upon your attitude, experience, and your ability to contribute to the growth of the company.  If you are a team player who enjoys an ever-changing work day and loves to speak with new people, you should apply.  Over the years, many of our front desk team members have advanced to many other positions throughout the years – this job has more potential than you may realize!


General Company Information

Company Values
VOICES Studio’s Values guide the beliefs and actions of our employees on a daily basis. This makes VOICES a unique place for employees and customers alike – in fact it’s the reason why we love our jobs! Click here to view our Company Values (downloads as PDF).

Personal Grooming Standard
Our employees understand the importance of presenting a clean and modest image to our students and their families.  We would like to inform you of a few policies in our handbook:

  • Facial Hair: Neatly trimmed beards and mustaches of a conservative nature are acceptable. Sideburns must not extend below the bottom of the ear.
  • Tattoos: Visible tattoos must be completely covered.
  • Piercings: Modest earrings are acceptable. Facial and body piercings shall not be worn.

6-Month Commitment
We ask our Front Desk Team Members to commit to being at VOICES Studio for a minimum of six months.  We require this as to give our students and their parents the best experience possible.  It makes our customer service more consistent when families do not have to adjust to a new face at the front desk. Please do not apply if you will be moving soon or are looking for temporary or seasonal work.

Background Checks
We run background check on all employees. Please only apply if you are able to pass a background check that will show that you are suited to work in a facility with children.

Age Requirements
We will hire applicants with a minimum age of 18.

Interview Process
We want to be sure this position is the right fit for you and for VOICES Studio.  Below is our two-step interview process:

  1. Group Interview: Our preliminary interviews begin with a group presentation, a question and answer session, and end with a tour of our facility.  This will last approximately 30-45 minutes.
  2. Skills Interview:  This 30-45 minute interview will be with our Front Desk Team Manager or Studio Manager.  We will talk more in depth with you to learn about your background.  You will also be asked to respond to e-mails, interact with students, and answer incoming phone calls.

Front Desk Hours

Mon-Thu: 2:30pm-8pm
Fri: 2:30pm-7pm
Sat: 9am-2pm
Sun: Closed

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