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Please read the information below to give you a deeper understanding of what this position entails.  If you would like an opportunity to be invited to a group interview, please:

  1. Email your resume to
  2. In the subject line type, please type “Instructor Application”
  3. Include 3 references in your email
  4. CLICK HERE to complete the online instructor application:

We will send you an e-mail once we have reviewed your application. We hold interviews twice monthly.  Please e-mail us at if you have questions.  Also, be sure to save our email address so our response doesn’t go in your junk folder.  Thank you!



Thank you for your interest in a teaching position with VOICES Studio!  With many career options to consider, we are pleased that you have chosen to consider a position with us.  At VOICES, our number one goal is to make sure our staff enjoys what they are doing.  We believe that when instructors look forward to coming to the studio, they enjoy and take pride in what they do!  Here are reasons why music and acting instructors choose to teach at VOICES over other studios: 

A Constant Flow Of New Students
We have a large, year-round advertising and marketing budget to increase enrollment thus keeping our instructors’ schedules as full as possible.  Marketing includes direct mail, community publications, booths, expos, school flyers, and other media, constantly attracting new students. We consistently register new students for our private lessons, even during typically slower registration months like May and June. 

Extras Are Taken Care Of
Your only responsibility is to teach!  We have a full-time front desk staff to handle all of the “details” of teaching.  From scheduling, to collecting fees or arranging concerts and showcases, these details are handled by our administrative staff, not the instructor. This means instructors are free to focus on teaching, and do not get bogged down by administrative tasks. 

Your Time Is Respected
Our instructors’ time is respected, and they are paid whether or not students attend lessons.  If a student misses classes for school trips or holidays, the instructor is still paid.  If a student does not pay for their lessons or has a non-collectable debt, the instructor is still paid. Our priority for our instructors is toensure that their time is not abused so that their teaching day is as productive as possible.

Teaching Independently Vs. Teaching For A Music & Acting Studio
As music and/or acting instructor, you can either teach privately in your house or in students’ homes, or you can teach in a music studio.  Let’s consider the pros and cons:

If you teach in your home or students’ homes…

  • PROS:  You can keep all of the money you charge to the student.  Since you have no expenses like rent, a receptionist or advertising, you do not have to pay out a percentage for overhead costs.
  • CONS:  It can be hard to keep your schedule constantly full with new students. Maintaining a full schedule can be difficult and expensive if you have to run ads or utilize other advertising mediums.  Even if you are a good, well-liked teacher, it can take a long time for referrals and word of mouth to fill your schedule.  If you are driving to students’ homes, you also have to factor in the driving time between students which limits the amount of teaching you can actually do and the additional expense for gas.  Teaching on your own, it may be difficult to enforce your attendance and payment policies.  No one likes being a collection agent. Concentrating on your teaching while attempting to keep track of who owes money can be a challenge, as can it be difficult to enforce your teaching policies and have your time respected.  For example, if a student tells you they are going to Disney World for the next two weeks, it can be difficult to still make them pay for their lesson time.  Many students will refuse to pay for those missed lessons because they will think: “I’m not getting my lesson so why should I pay?”  Chances are you can’t book another student in that lesson time for just 2 weeks, so if you don’t charge the student in Disney World, you have lost 2 weeks of income.  If that scenario occurs even twice per month, your earnings can be greatly reduced.

Let’s look at teaching at a music studio…

  • CONS:  You don’t get paid as much per student. Teaching rates that in-home teachers and music schools charge are usually pretty similar. So the pay per student to the teacher is lower to factor in overhead, such as rent, advertising, receptionists, and other expenses.
  • PROS:  Having a consistently full schedule of students each day is a huge advantage of teaching at a professional studio. Being paid a little less per student but having more students in a day will mean you earn more overall.  Another upside to teaching at our studio is that you do not have to worry about collecting money.  You only have to focus on the teaching.  VOICES Studio provides a professional, educational environment that is stimulating to the students.  It is free from distractions found in a home such as ringing phones or doorbells, televisions and noisy family members.  Those are the general differences between teaching on your own and teaching in a music studio.


General Company Information

Company Values
VOICES Studio’s Values guide the beliefs and actions of our employees on a daily basis. This makes VOICES a unique place for staff and customers alike – in fact it’s the reason we love our jobs! Click here to view our Company Values (downloads as a PDF).

Personal Grooming Standard
Our staff understands the importance of presenting a clean and modest image to our students and their families.  We would like to inform you of a few policies in our handbook:

  • Facial Hair: Neatly trimmed beards and mustaches of a conservative nature are acceptable. Sideburns must not extend below the bottom of the ear.
  • Tattoos: Visible tattoos must be completely covered.
  • Piercings: Modest earrings are acceptable. Facial and body piercings shall not be worn.

10-Month Commitment
We ask our instructors to commit to being at VOICES Studio for a minimum of ten months.  We require this to provide our students and their parents the best experience possible.  It makes students more successful when they do not have to adjust to a new instructor.  Please do not apply if you will be moving soon or are looking for temporary or seasonal work.  

Background Checks
We run background check on all employees. Please only apply if you are able to pass a background check that will show that you are suited to work in a facility with children. 

Age Requirements
We will hire applicants with a minimum age of 18.

Interview Process
We want to be certain that this position is the right fit for you and for VOICES Studio.  Below is our two-step interview process:

  1. Group Interview: Our preliminary interviews begin with a group presentation, a question and answer session, and end with a tour of our facility.  This will last approximately 30-45 minutes.
  2. Skills Assessment:  This 45-90 minute interview will begin with our Front Desk Team Manager or Education Director.  We will talk more in depth with you to learn about your background.  You will also be asked to prepare something to show your skills for the position for which you are applying.  Next, you will be asked to teach a lesson or class for which you are applying.

Front Desk Hours

Mon-Thu: 2:30pm-8pm
Fri: 2:30pm-7pm
Sat: 9am-2pm
Sun: Closed

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